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Website security is a necessity in today’s digital world of cyber threats, so investing in the right website hosting and security measures is crucial. Ensure your intellectual property, financial information and customer data are protected. Webmad have all the tools and expertise to protect your website, defending against threats from the outset and running regular checks.

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Compromised security can cause irreparable damage.

With an increasingly connected world, your intellectual property, financial information and customer data need to be protected. If you’ve been hacked or have had a data compromise, we can Talk to us today about your options and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with cyber protection.

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Easy hosting and domains.

Every website needs a domain and hosting services, and we can organise and manage this for you for a low price. Our hosting uses cloud servers with high reliability and portability, allowing us some of the best uptime rates in New Zealand. We typically use cPanel hosting management on our servers, meaning the systems stay up to date, and you can always move to the latest software versions with the click of a button. We also take complete system snapshots multiple times per day, meaning if things go wrong, we’ve got your back.

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