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Using Google Search Ads to Market Your Business in New Zealand

4 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Search Ads to Market Your Business in New Zealand

So you’ve recently upgraded to a fabulous new website, but you’re not seeing improved traffic, sales or enquiries to your page yet? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just sitting and waiting for customers to arrive on your website. If you’re not using Google Ads yet, you could be missing out on some huge potential when it comes to new customers and exposure for your business. In recent years, Google Ads have become one of the most effective advertising methods, with the ability to attract a huge number of hits on your website – from people who are actually looking for exactly what you’re offering.

Firstly, what are Google Search Ads?

Pretty much every time you search for something, for example, “Queenstown hotel”, the first (and sometimes second and third) results you see are actually ads that a company has paid for. These ads are managed through Google, and are a successful way to help get your business in front of people who are searching with keywords related to what you offer.

So, why should you use them?

1. Google Search Ads uses a “pay-per-click” system

Unlike advertising with one-off huge rates in say a newspaper, radio or magazine, with no way of telling who saw or heard your ad (let alone who took action in visiting your website or giving you a call!), with Google Search Ads you’re only paying for the clicks you get to your website. This means you’re only funding tangible, measurable results and actual exposure, rather than paying for an ad that people “might” see.

2.You’re targeting people who are actively searching for a company like you

Your ad will only be shown to people who are typing in keywords related to your business – so your ad (and money) isn’t “wasted” on those not interested in what you’re offering. But more importantly, this precise method of targeted advertising means these people are engaged and hunting specifically for what you have to sell! Your ad will use keywords that you can choose, similar words, and also keywords that are used throughout your website. It’s complicated – but Google can work out whether the keywords words you’re using are successful with searchers (for example, if you’re selling cat food on your website, but not cats, Google can work this out so you’re still targeting the right audience).

3. It’s incredibly flexible with budget, timing and duration

The beauty of digital advertising is that it can be scaled, controlled and adjusted the way you want it, not to mention it can easily be turned off and on. This means, for example, if you’re selling winter jackets and want to do most of your advertising over May, June and July, you can put as much (or as little) budget as you want towards different times of the year. Whether it’s $300 a month or $3000 a month (the more you use, the more clicks to your website you’ll get), you’ll still see results – and it can be adapted and scaled to your marketing budget, which you can change month to month.

4. You’ll have plenty of exciting data to look over

Another great thing about Google Search Ads is all the impressive data you’ll receive throughout your campaign. You’ll see what keywords generated the most clicks, what area or region these people came from, their age range and gender, and more. These exciting analytics will help you confirm who your target audience is (and it may surprise you!), and can help with working through adjustments and optimisation to your ads. You’ll also see your click-through-rate, cost-per-click (which you can set a maximum on), keywords search volume, and more.

Ready to get started, but don’t quite know how or where to start? We’re here to help! Here at Webmad, our expert digital team are ready to get your business up and running on Google ads, and more importantly to help you start seeing results. Once the work is done, we can hand this over or continue to monitor, optimise and review your campaigns for you, providing reports as often as you need them. Drop us a line here to chat more about how we can help or to get started!

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