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Branding and Design

Our talented designers can help with ensuring your branding is modern, appealing and stands out in your industry. Your website is the front window of your brand, and it’s important it looks great, captivates new customers, creates engagement and builds a connection with the user. We can also help with a range of design solutions in addition to your website, including a logo redesign or refresh, creative elements for your advertising such as brochures, business cards, presentations and signage or online graphics for social media and advertising.

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Digital and Social Media Strategy

An effective digital marketing strategy is important to reach your specific target audience and build relationships with your customers. We can assist you with developing compelling content, an engaging message and campaigns that drive results. Whether it’s the design, set up, implementation or ongoing management, we can help your business grow through a powerful digital marketing strategy, which can include a social media strategy if applicable (depending on your industry, it isn’t always needed!).

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Powerful copy (wording) on your website is key in communicating your competitive advantages and persuading potential customers to take action. Whether it’s quick selling points or detailed education on your website, short and snappy ads, interesting blogs or nurturing emails to your customer database, we can help you deliver your compelling message effectively and concisely. Our extensive copywriting experience means we’ve worked with a range of business types, and we can ensure your wording speaks to your unique customer and builds trust.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Is your business getting exposure and traffic through Google search results? If you want to improve the visibility of your website through higher non-paid (organic) rankings in Google results, we can help. SEO is a key component in marketing, and Webmad is skilled in delivering results in this area through a number of tactics bespoke to your business and your industry in particular, including quality content, keywording, tagging, metadata, linking and more.

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Digital Advertising

Paid digital advertising is a great way to get your brand out there and get specific about exactly who you are targeting. The type of advertising to drive the best results can depend on your objectives and your industry, and can be done through paid search advertising in Google, display advertising through other websites, retargeting (advertising to those who have already visited your website) or social media advertising. Once the work is done, we can hand this over or continue to monitor, optimise and review your campaigns for you, providing reports as often as you need them.

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