Mobile Friendly Design

Why your website NEEDS to be mobile friendly

Having a mobile friendly website has become a crucial component to any online presence. The latest 2015 statistics show, for the first time, that the time spent online is now clearly over 50% done on mobile devices[1]. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are missing the mark more than 50% of the time!

The other crucial factor coming out of 2015 is that Google now ranks mobile friendly sites higher than others. However, the GOOD news is that making your website mobile friendly doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive.

Some examples:



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Other reasons why you should have 
a mobile friendly website

Better User Experience.  Responsive sites are quicker to load on mobile devices and easier to use. So there is less chance of visitors leaving your site in frustration.

Adaptability.   Mobile friendly sites conform to all devices, so no need for 2 separate sites. Responsive sites are fluid, which means the content moves freely across all screen resolutions and all devices. This saves you time and money now, and in the future.

Future Proofing.   Multiple device usage is exponentially growing in a tech savvy generation.  We build our mobile friendly sites to work for both today’s devices and tomorrow’s. If social media is part of your marketing strategy you will see that a high level of social media traffic is used on mobile phones.

Cost Effective.   Conversion to a mobile friendly site can be simple and quick, generally only one website is required for both desktop and mobile.  Instead of a whole new site, it’s about adapting your current site to fit nicely on all screen sizes.


Standard mobile friendly sites cost around $1,000+gst

With a standard mobile friendly site, we take your existing site content and design, and adapt them to work and fit well on all devices. This does not require a designer.

Custom mobile friendly sites cost start around $1,500+gst 

Custom mobile friendly sites use a designer to tweak specific elements of the site to suit mobile and provide another level of class.

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